How Your Bronze Plaque Is Designed And Made

If you want traditional foundry cast bronze plaques, we supply to the public and businesses worldwide. Whether it's commemorative or memorial plaques, dedication, retirement or honour plaques we can make them. For business we make bronze plaques featuring corporate text and logotype. We make plaques that fix to walls or stone plinths, staked to the ground, set into pavements, fixed to classic cars, bikes and boats. Whatever you are looking for, following this article you'll discover how your plaque is designed and manufactured.

A 600mm diameter bronze plaque commemorating the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables. This 600mm diameter bronze plaque commemorating 25 years of the hit musical Les Miserables is set into the pavement outside the Queen's Theatre, London.
A 1 metre diameter cast bronze plaque with a rope style decorative edge, featuring a Clipper ship bas-relief motif. This hand crafted foundry cast bronze plaque is approximately 1 metre in diameter. The clipper ship logo was sculpted from reference material supplied by the client.

Have a picture or logo on your plaque

You can have a picture or logo reproduced in 3D bas-relief for your plaque. This can be hand sculpted or computer generated.

Lettering fonts, sizes and formatting

A wax bas-relief portrait sculpture. This is a 100mm x 140mm sample bronze plaque. It gives you an idea of what lettering styles and sizes are possible. The letter heights range from 3mm up to 10mm. This plaque has a brown patinated background. It's satin shine is due to the traditional wax protective coating.
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You can have any typeface that you like on your plaque rather than being limited to just the usual Times New Roman or Arial fonts. We may recommend changing the size and formatting of your text or the back plate dimensions to ensure that the plaque will cast.

Preview how your plaque looks before it's made

You can see what your plaque looks like with our 3D computer pre-casting proof. You can check for spelling, readability, fonts and layout before your plaque is finally cast in bronze.

The plaque casting process

We use traditional sand casting to produce your plaque. Molten bronze is poured into a mould made of sand or ceramic. When the metal has cooled and hardened we remove the casting, fettle and finish.

Finishing your plaque

We can polish the raised areas of your plaque to a high gloss or satin finish. We can patinate your plaque in a variety of colours. We can give you the traditional brown or green colours but also blues, reds and black.

We can paint your plaque any colour that you specify. The background is metal primed and then hand painted in a satin or gloss signwriters' enamel paint.

To preserve your plaque from air and water corrosion we will give it a varnish protective coating.

Fixing your plaque

Your plaque can be fixed with either screw holes on the back plate that take hidden screws or we can fix pegs on the reverse of the plate to allow you to cement it into place.

Ordering And Delivery

Our delivery times are normally 28 days from the order date. We can arrange for the delivery of your plaque worldwide.

If you'd like to know more about our bronze plaques please get in touch via our online form or call us directly on +44(0) 1274 572240

"I am totally delighted with the plaque and have sent photos to all and sundry. You have done a brilliant job Carl. I am so glad I found you! I will certainly be recommending you to anybody in need of your services in the future. Thank you so much. It was wonderfully packed but I could not wait to open it!"

Pat Henry, Chair of St Joseph & The Helpers Charity

"We were commissioned by Cameron Mackintosh Limited to create a commemorative bronze plaque for the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre in the heart of the West End, we turned to Carl Huxley at Specialist Metalwork Skills to get this iconic installation created. From initial discussions through to the on time and on budget installation of the piece Carl and his team guided us through the process and delivered a truly stunning end result".

Mark Hollington, Newman Displays Ltd.