Listed Building Consent

Getting Your Metal Windows Approved First Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Building Consent (LBC) can be difficult to apply for and even harder to get passed. Getting your application wrong or even worse trying to avoid listed building consent altogether and installing inappropriate windows or using the wrong techniques and materials for repair can cause you very serious problems.

So you can avoid some of the pitfalls the following will give you an idea of some of the dos and don'ts of listed building consent as it applies to adding new, refurbishing or restoring metal windows. It also explains how we can help you in getting LBC approved first time.

What is Listed Building Consent?

Listed Building Consent is a planning application that you may need to submit to your local planning authority if you want to make alterations to the fabric of your listed property. This is especially important when the alteration includes windows and doors.

Do I always need LBC when I install new windows?

You don't always need to get LBC when you install new windows. If you are installing 'like for like' windows then you may not need to apply. Please contact your local planning department and seek advice from your Conservation Officer regarding what is an appropriate replacement window for your listed property.

Do I need LBC when restoring metal windows?

You don't always need to apply for LBC when you want to restore or refurbish your metal windows but it would still be wise to ask your local Conservation Officer for advice and approval regarding the method they recommend for the work that you need doing.

What can happen if I don't apply for LBC and install modern double glazed windows?

If you replace old metal windows with modern windows without first getting approval from your Conservation Officer you can be in serious trouble. If you install new windows that are not approved you might be asked to remove them and to reinstate any historic windows you have removed. At worst you could be prosecuted for doing the alterations without getting Listed Building Consent.

How do I apply for LBC?

Ask for a LBC form from your local planning department. You will have to supply a design and method statement. Also you will need supporting evidence that the alteration is suitable historically. You will need scale drawings of the proposed alteration. You will also need a 1/1250 or 1/2500 scale site plan showing your property.

What does it cost to apply for Listed Building Consent?

The Listed Building Consent application is free but remember to factor in the cost of obtaining the site plan, scale drawings and design/works descriptions if this isn't something you feel you can tackle yourself.

How long does it take to get LBC approval?

It can take between 8 to 13 weeks per application. If your application isn't approved then you can appeal against the decision. This will delay approval even more. You may also have to revise your plans and re-submit.

Can you help me with the application?

We can help with the process of putting in your application. We can certainly supply you with drawings of the proposed windows so getting LBC is a lot easier. We can also supply you with a method statement and a design statement so you don't have to worry about those too.

Will your window designs pass LBC?

Our designs have always gone through LBC approval first time. If you like we can contact your local Conservation Officer showing frame/glazing samples and any concept designs. We also make appropriate changes to our plans based on their advice so helping along the application process.

What is likely to fail LBC approval?

Things that won't get approval are using frames or glazing of different structure, style or material from those deemed historically correct for the property. Using materials or methods that are not in line with other properties in the local area is another possible reason for failure. Also not researching the history of the building or not understanding the effect of your alteration on the property could cause problems with the application.

If you would like to contact us about either your LBC application, metal window refurbishment, restoration or design then please telephone us on 01274 572240 or contact us using our online form.

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