Metal windows for your listed building renovation or conversion project.

Metal windows that are ideal for your listed building renovation or conversion project can be difficult to find. Perhaps the original window frames are rotten, beyond repair, or have been replaced at some time with bulky wood or upvc frames. The first set of metal windows we ever made were to solve this problem.

Metal church windows with leaded lights. The window on the left is a side-opening casement glazed with cathedral glass. The window on the right is a fixed leaded light.

How it all began

The first windows we ever made were for the Convent of St. Joseph, Cheadle, Staffordshire. This grade II listed property was altered and extended by A.W.N. Pugin circa 1845. The current owner asked us to make metal frames and window furniture to replace some upvc frames installed by a previous owner. With the success of those we soon gained a local reputation for making quality conservation metal window frames.

The problem with modern metal windows

Modern conservation windows can be too perfect and look out of place in a historic building. They stand out rather than blending in with the old stone. It's about getting the balance right. If your window frames are too bulky for the surrounding stone this can ruin the original character of a building. The windows have to suit your building, something that manufacturers of 'one size fits all' metal frames can't provide.

Your alternative

We know that your building project is a time consuming labour of love and you want to know that you've got the best materials and fittings. We want you to get exactly what you want. Our windows are individually crafted using traditional processes. Our windows look as though they have been in your property for years.

We'll design your windows to exactly the profile that you require. If there's any original windows that you want to preserve, our new windows will match those perfectly. If you've got historic photos of the original windows then we can design the new windows using your photos as a reference.

If you need replacement window stays or fasteners then we also design bespoke window furniture too. If you own a church or a castle there maybe windows that you can't easily access. If you have this problem then we can design either mechanical or electric window openers to solve it.

We can provide you with leaded lights and stained glass. We also restore original glass. If you want single or double glazed units we can provide those for you too.

Your windows are hand painted or polyester powder coated in a range of colours.

North or South we'll come to you

Unlike some of our South-based competitors who only install windows within a limited geographic radius, we'll install anywhere in the UK.

Working with your local planning officer

At some point you will probably have to contact your local conservation officer about what's appropriate for your listed property. We can help there because we deal directly with conservation officers and know what they want. We work closely with them to make sure your windows comply with listed building consent regulations.

What some people think...

Some people think that windows are just there for protection from the elements. They think that way so their windows are sometimes an afterthought to their building project. Their windows are thought of as a necessity rather than something to admire.

We'd like you to appreciate that our windows are more than that. We'll add a quality feature to your home. From the initial enquiry all the way through to designing, manufacturing and the final installation can take several months on a large project. Over that time we get to know you and we care about giving you something to be proud of.

We look forward to having that opportunity and hearing from you soon.

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