How Important is The Production of Replica Metal Windows to the Success of Your Building Renovation Project?

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If you're looking for a company to produce replicas of existing period metal windows in non-standard profiles, shapes and sizes such as lancet arched church windows then we may be able to help you.

Replica Metal Windows

Except for two original iron windows above the front door, the building had been fitted with a mixture of modern UPVC and wooden framed windows. We restored the property to its original look with 29 of our replica metal windows. Click here to enlarge
If you want to conserve original period metal windows then it's important that any replacement metal windows match those.

Using modern and traditional techniques we can deliver replica metal windows in fixed or casement versions that blend seamlessly with the originals.

Suitable for Listed Buildings.

We'll work with you to make sure your bespoke windows comply with the Listed Building Consent planning requirements of your Local Conservation Officer.

Individually Crafted To Your Specification.

Unlike most modern conservation metal windows (which are assembled to order using extruded metal) our cast metal windows are made to order. Because of this we can ensure our high quality replicas blend in with your original period metal windows.

Visualise, Simulate and Solve.

We design using 3d solid models of your windows and mechanisms. These real-time mechanical simulation models help in identifying and solving any potential design, manufacture, assembly or installation problems that are difficult to see on a 2d drawing. We can also provide you with pre-visuals showing how the finished windows will look when installed in your property.

Traditional Sand Cast, Hand Finished.

Our craftspeople use traditional sand casting methods to give your windows the genuine traditional look of centuries old workmanship. If you appreciate the character giving tooling marks of the original craftsperson visible in your originals, our hand made work reproduces the crafted look that modern machine made extrusions just can't give you.

Standard or Bespoke Window Furniture and Fittings.

We can fit standard or bespoke conservation fasteners and stays to your casement windows. We can also supply manual or electric window opening mechanisms for hard to access casements. Period hinges can be reproduced or modern stainless steel ball bearing hinges can be fitted where reliability and smoothness of operation is important to you.

Conservation Compliant Glazing.

Our Single Glazed windows are fitted with 6mm Laminated Safety Glass. As an alternative we can supply you with energy efficient double glazed units. The glazing is bedded in then finished with special metal window angle putty.

Your Choice Of Quality Finish.

The window units can be either hand painted, hvlp spray painted or polyester powder coated, whichever is suitable for your application.

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